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Centralized recording of publications (TUTKA)

Jyväskylä University Library records all publications to TUTKA. The goal of the centralized recording is to ease researchers' activities and to promote parallel publishing to JYX Digital Archive.


Please notify the Library about new publications by using this form.

Alternatively you can use new e-mail address that has been established to handle publication content-related issues (e.g. change requests:

Please report in minimium:

  1. The details of the publication
  2. The names of JyU affiliated authors/editors
  3. The Department, Study subject and Research Center Information of JyU authors
  4. Co-operation Information (national/international partners)
  5. NB. Please submit also the final draft version of the article. This is for parallel publication in JYX repository.

    Even the researchers do not need to record their publications themselves into TUTKA anymore, the researchers are, however, still responsible for notifying JyU Library of their publications.

    With the centralized publication recording the role of people in charge of publications in the departments will end. The new process does not affect recording other information in TUTKA, or the tasks of the departmental main users.

    Contact persons: Marja-Leena Harjuniemi, tel. 0400-405 806 (short number: 3372), Marjo Vallittu, tel. 040-805 4824 (4824)