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Create your own ORCID identifier


Has your name changed? Has your research ever been associated to a researcher that has the same name? Ensure your visibility and create a personal ORCID researcher identifier. There are already over two million ORCID identifiers in the world. Many scientific publishers require the ORCID IDs for journal authors.

  • Register as an ORCID user and create your personal identifier. As of November 2016 it is possible to log in to ORCID service using JyU credentials. When logging in the first time, the user account can be either linked to existing ORCID identifier or a new one can be created if necessary. After the authentication you can access the ORCID account using JyU credentials. See more.
  • After JyU login is enabled it is still possible to log in using the password in ORCID registry. It is also possible log in using Facebook or Google credentials.


ORCID ID should be added to your Converis account. See the instructions.

Further information: information specialist Marja Kokko